Silver Queendom by Dan Koboldt

Since starting this review blog, this is the first book I’ll be giving a 5-star rating! This book was reminiscent of a little series called, “The Black Company.” Though the band is smaller, it has that same vibe of comradery within a group of people that may not be the most upstanding of citizens, butContinue reading “Silver Queendom by Dan Koboldt”

Benaghar: The Rat, The Wolf, and The King’s Fool

This book is well-written and entertaining.F.K. Maddison does an excellent job at building a world that is understandable and a fantasy that is believable.At times the main character felt as if she was behaving much younger than her age, but as a young daughter of a well-respected and high-ranking officer, that can be understandable. ItContinue reading “Benaghar: The Rat, The Wolf, and The King’s Fool”