Short Stories

So far, the short stories I have written have been all over the place. There’s horror, suspense, thriller, fantasy, and a little science fiction. The stories write themselves and I don’t try to hold them within any particular genre. I get an idea, or more often 2 ideas that converge into something that sounds new, and I start writing. On more than one occasion I’ve sat down to write something that was sure to be one genre only to have it twist and turn itself into something different. The only rule I give my stories as they write themselves is “try to make sure the reader can’t see the end coming.” The rest is up the the characters, or the world that they live in.

Published Short Stories

These stories have been published and the best way for you to read them is to follow the links. Feel free to rate them, review them, like them or whatever is available so that the publisher knows that you love them.

Benny the Summoner – A short story about a special summoner paving the way with a new twist. Published by Every Day Fiction. Read here…

The War Earth Won – A drabble, microfiction, about a war between humans and parasitic aliens. Published by Black Hare Press. Read here…

Werewolf Feet – A horror/comedy (is horromedy a word?) about a werewolf hunter musing over facts he has learned about werewolves. Published on From Whispers to Roars. Read here…

Keeping Family Secrets – Another drama(??), maybe I’m not the fantasy writer that I believe myself to be. This one is about a brother with a deep secret. Published on CommuterLit. Read here…

Happy Not Writing – A drama(??) about a writer that returns to writing after a very long break. He would rather not have a reason to write. Published on The Mark Literary Review. Read here…

Becoming Invisible – A fantasy story about a man who empties latrines for a living, by choice. Published on Daily Science Fiction. Read here…

Unpublished Short Stories

Following is a list of short stories that haven’t found a market yet. If you are part of a publication that would be interested in reading one of these stories to see if it would be a fit for your market, email me at

Getting Gas – A suspense story about a man fueling his wife’s car. This is one of my own personal favorites and I know that all it needs is the perfect home.

Hunting Death – A horror/thriller about a man that turns the tables on Death and goes after him.

Immortal Life – A short memoir type horror narrate by an immortal explaining what all immortals think about.

In My Father’s Memory – A suspense story about a young man that is greatly influenced by the legacy his father left behind.

In The Sand – A horror story about a boy and his nanny at the park.

Princess Coin – A fairy tale reimagining of the Frog Prince.

Real Grape Juice – A creative non-fiction story about one of my most traumatic memories.

Other short stories that I’ve written are currently out for consideration and I will wait until I hear back about them before adding them to this list. Hopefully they will be going on the “Published” list.

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