I am an author with a day job and an amazing family.

I work full time as a warehouse supervisor for a manufacturing company to support the most beautiful wife in the world, our amazing kids, four dogs, and two fish. One of the fish wants to kill me in my sleep, but other than that it’s a pretty great life.

I have 2 hometowns, both very small. My childhood hometown is Louisa, KY. My adult hometown is Rockmart, GA. Small-town life is the life for me. I need a decal for my car that says “Small Town Life.”

I read everything! I have read many of the classics. I have read many bestsellers over the last few decades. I have read almost every cereal box there is. As a grown man, with no urge to obtain medical knowledge, I know more than I should about toxic shock syndrome because I read whatever is handy. If it’s within reach and it has words on it, I will read it.

My short stories may fall into suspense, horror, fantasy, or even a little science fiction, but what I always go for is the ‘twist’. I’m usually not satisfied with a story if I believe the reader will know what happens at the end.

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