Benaghar: The Rat, The Wolf, and The King’s Fool

This book is well-written and entertaining.
F.K. Maddison does an excellent job at building a world that is understandable and a fantasy that is believable.
At times the main character felt as if she was behaving much younger than her age, but as a young daughter of a well-respected and high-ranking officer, that can be understandable. It did make it hard at times for me to get behind her and feel empathy.
The pacing is good, the descriptions are imaginative and detailed.
I would recommend for anyone that is a fan of young adult books, and interested in fantasy works read this. It’s not truly a young adult novel but it shares enough elements that I believe young adult fans would love it and it would be a great introduction to fantasy for them.

This is book 1 of 2 and I will be reading the next one soon.

Get the book here.

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