A Cornish Odyssey by Axel Forrester

Book Description –

Grant Decker is a disgruntled California art teacher turned 40, who has lost his way in life. A random stab on the map means he’s going to Penzance to spend his school holiday, hiking around the coast of Cornwall. Everything about Cornwall is strange to this American–the accents, the food, the changing weather. Determined to show Graeme, his trip planner, he’s not a lazy American, he avoids the bus and crashes through the scenery with comic effect.

Walking on the coastal path he has visions of pirates, saints, mermaids and chocolate cake, but it’s through his encounters with the people of Cornwall that he learns how to be his authentic self.

My Review –

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this novelette. Grant is a believable and relatable character, to me. The people he meets are exciting and unique. A hike along the coast becomes an entertaining odyssey.

I usually have a problem with “general fiction” because I find myself reading through detailed descriptions of dull objects or scenery, waiting for something to happen. Not so with this story. Each interaction and introspective contemplation is told in a way that makes it seem like something is happening, moving the story at a good pace.

While I’m not sure that I would agree with the word “humorous” I did find myself smiling often about things like chocolate cake, and had the song “The Pirate Song” by Ray Stevens stuck in my head after the first chapter. I would call this story very entertaining and recommend you read it.

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