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Hello. I’m Gary. Nice to meet you. I am an author with a day job. I’ve written many short stories, mostly in suspense/thriller, and horror. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of my stories published on-line and am working hard to get some published on paper. Feel free to read the stories that have been published with the links below, and contact me to let me know how much you love them.

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Published Short Stories

Becoming Invisible

Becoming Invisible by Gary Smith Jr.

A fantasy story about a man who empties latrines for a living… by choice. Published on Daily Science Fiction.

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Happy Not Writing

Happy Not Writing by Gary Smith Jr.

A drama(??) about a writer that returns to writing after a very long break. He would rather not have a reason to write. Published on The Mark Literary Review.

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Keeping Family Secrets

Another drama(??), maybe I’m not the fantasy writer that I believe myself to be. This one is about a brother with a deep secret. Published on CommuterLit

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Werewolf Feet

A horror/comedy (is horromedy a word?) about a werewolf hunter musing over facts he has learned about werewolves. Published on From Whispers to Roars.

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Upcoming Novel


Originally I had information here about a fantasy novel that I had in the works. It wasn’t coming along bad, but it did feel forced. Fantasy is my favorite genre to read. I am coming to understand that what one enjoys reading may not always be what one writes well. Every time I sit down to write a short story it ends up being drama, suspense, thriller, or maybe a little horror. I never sit down to write and come up with fairies, dwarves, elves, wizards, or dragons. So I am taking a break from the novel I was writing and working harder on my short stories until one of them breaks free of it’s confines and insist on becoming a novel. Wish me well!