Come with me on my adventures in paradise, like this great beach bar, famous really, on the south end of Ambergris Caye, Belize. Called appropriately, "The Crazy Canucks Beach Bar". You've heard about this place right?  You guessed it ! Run by a crazy guy named Rob and his wife Krista. Oh! And that's his best girl (bartender that is) Alex behind the bar. Trust me when I say..beautiful smile, unless you leave a bad tip! 

My travel adventures are only possible by my Freelance Writing Gigs, mostly articles on travel destinations and wine. Yes..I am also a Wine Consultant, with my own wine business. I write for several wine magazines, luxury magazines, travel magazines, like Upscale Living and Destinations Travel Magazine. I also keep the Mac busy writing blogs for websites on the above, and just about everything else, with exception to sites X-Rated..of course.

I'm always looking for new gigs, so keep me in mind next time something comes up, will ya?


​Visit exotic Destinations 

 Enjoy a beer in Belize wit me ?